• Algae Body Wrap

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 84.14 $  79 €

    The algae body wrap par excellence, this 100% pure and natural, patented algae cream, rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, helps achieve a fit body and general revitalizing. The body is prepared for a slimming treatment or ready to face everyday stress.

  • Green Tea Body Wrap

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 84.14 $  79 €

    Green tea is a very powerful herb that has many antioxidants that promote healthy skin and a natural beauty. It’s best known for helping rid of the body toxins. When using green detox body wrap you will remove toxins from your skin as well as tone your skin. Not to mention how relaxing this body wrap can be. Give it a try!

  • Chocolate Body Wrap

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 84.14 $  79 €

    Most of us absolutely love chocolate, because of its taste, texture, appearance, and how it makes us feel.Certain varieties of dark chocolate are also said to decrease the risks of stroke, improve heart health, protect the skin from sun damage and enhance the flow of blood. Fortunately, you can enjoy the benefits of chocolate, without consuming huge amounts of the food, making this Chocolate Body Wrap Treatment to detoxify the body internally and externally.

  • Honey Body Wrap

    Duration(Min) : 50  

    The benefits of this relaxing wrap can be felt almost immediately after a single treatment, helping to improve vitality and relaxing your mind and body. Honey Body Wrap will help significantly to the improves blood circulation, enhances metabolism in tissues and skin, effectively removes swelling, helps remove scarring and stretching, improves tone, and has anti-inflammatory effect.