• Bronze Massage

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 119 $  99.14 €

    A special feature of this massage is the use of special natural massage oils / creams that allow you to quickly achieve a beautiful bronze and prolong its effect.

  • Lomi Lomi Massage

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 129 $  107.47 €

    Literally translated as "touching the soft paw of a cat". Being one of the oldest types of massage, formerly owned exclusively by shamans, the LomiLomi Hawaiian massage is truly unique, the impact occurs immediately on three levels: the body, the sensory and the spiritual. The unique technique in which the forearm works provide a powerful lymph drainage, helps to restore the body flexibility, rejuvenates. Through the work with the body, the soul is purified. A special condition that occurs during the massage, allows you to harmonize the metabolic processes, free from old emotions, clears the mind.

  • Child Massage

    Duration(Min) : 30   Price : 69 $  57.48 €

    General children's massage is necessary first to maintain and strengthen the child's physical health, it promotes the development of the body and strengthens its defenses and, secondly, to eliminate some problems in the event of their existence. Massage has a positive effect on the work of internal organs and systems, and also leads to the mental state of the child.

  • Pregnancy Body Massage

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 129 $  107.47 €

    Against the background of changes in the hormonal background, many pregnant women have a state of anxiety, tension, insomnia. Therefore, relaxing massage will help most effectively cope with the undesirable condition. Also, massage for pregnant women has a significant healing effect: relieves pain and tension, reduces the likelihood of varicose veins, prevents the appearance of stretch marks, improves the circulation of lymph and blood, improves oxygen flow to the placenta, which prevents oxygen starvation of the fetus, reduces the stress of the muscles of the uterus, stimulates the bowels , reduces the probability of gaining excess weight, relieves swelling, increases the elasticity of the skin, relaxes and improves sleep, strengthens the immune system, relieves depression and irritability, prepares for childbirth.

  • ANJANA Signature 4 Hands Massage

    Duration(Min) : 60   Price : 249 $  207.44 €

    This massage combines a variety of massage techniques and is performed simultaneously by two specialists, giving double pleasure and double benefits. The joint work of two pairs of hands makes it possible to work out equally well all muscle groups and the main internal systems of the body, which will surely lead you to maximum relaxation and bring a sense of calm and peace. Through the massage, the muscles, nervous, vascular, as well as the entire system of joints, ligaments and tendons are covered. Fatigue takes place, the removal of toxic substances from the body is accelerated. Getting into the hands of two masters, you get therapy for osteochondrosis, muscle spasms of the lumbar region, swelling of the legs, and headaches.

  • Anjana Mix Massage

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 129 $  107.47 €
  • Manual Therapy

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 209 $  174.12 €
    Manual practice allows you to remove the functional blockade, restore the passage of sensitive impulses, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, and conduct a reflex effect.
  • Tibetan Lymphatic Drainage

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 149 $  124.13 €
  • Tibetan Deep Tissue Massage

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 179 $  149.12 €
  • Tİbetan Mix Massage

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 219 $  182.45 €
  • Anjana Mix Massage

    Duration(Min) : 80