• Abhyanga

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 119 $  99.14 €

    This Ayurvedic procedure is the oiling of a body with a rather large amount of warm medicinal oil enriched with herbs and essential oils. The oil mixture penetrates deep into the cells, where it dissolves, cleaves and pushes accumulated toxins into the intercellular space, where they are removed naturally or by additional procedures. Abhyanga slows down aging and reduces biological age, helps to cope with such unpleasant manifestations as constipation, dry skin and mucous membranes, anxiety, fears, nervousness, is an excellent prevention of age problems such as joint diseases and osteoporosis.

  • Shirodhara

    Duration(Min) : 50   Price : 169 $  140.79 €

    This is a unique Ayurvedic procedure that brings you into that state that is called a trance. The flow of pleasant sensations covers your whole body, you relax both physically and spiritually. The procedure itself is a process in which warm oil is poured on your forehead with a thin stream for a long time (about two liters of oil are consumed per session). The indications for Shirodhara's procedure are: headaches and migraine, mental overexertion and memory loss, insomnia and high blood pressure, rapid baldness and graying, scalp problems, dandruff, thyroid problems and cardiovascular diseases. As a result, complete pacification and relaxation are achieved, all mimic clamps are eliminated, softens the face skin, sleep improves and the general condition of the body rises.

  • Janu Basti

    Duration(Min) : 50  

    Janu Basti aims to warm up the knee joints. It is carried out with the help of unique trays with heated oil, installed on the problem areas of the patient's body. At the end of each session, to enhance the effect and maintain internal heat, Ayurvedic massage of the knee joints is performed. This procedure strengthens and improves blood flow, nourishes the knee joints and increases their mobility, relieves pain, reduces problems when walking. Especially suitable for patients with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and suffering from any diseases of the knee joint.

  • Kativasthi

    Duration(Min) : 50  

    Procedure for strengthening and rejuvenating the lower spine. This is an effective Ayurvedic remedy for relieving pain in the lower back. Treatment of the lumbar region "Kati" includes keeping warm Ayurvedic oils on the lower back and the spine for a certain period of time. The patient lies face down when a dough cap is built on his lumbosacral portion, inside of which a medicated oil is poured in and held for 30-40 minutes. Then a careful massage of the problematic area is performed. The procedure perfectly removes numbness caused by compression of the sciatic nerve, helps to strengthen the muscles of the back.

  • Pizhichil (4 Hands)

    Duration(Min) : 90  

    The process, it’s done with a warm oil that has medicinal properties is poured onto the human body, is called Pizhichil. Indications for the procedure are: diseases of the nervous system, lack of flexibility, pain in the joints, cartilage and bones, ligaments and muscles, body aches. As a result, complete physical relaxation, reduction of inflammation and pain, a mental relaxation, an increase in sexual power are achieved.

  • Sarvangadhara (4 Hands)

    Duration(Min) : 90  

    Sarvangadhara is called a "divine" procedure. Performed synchronously by two masseurs, standing on either side of the massage table. The main principle of this technique is to water the entire body of the patient with a plentiful stream of warm oil and / or warm milk, herbal decoction. It is recommended for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, sports injuries, injuries after accidents, wounds, muscle pain, sexual weakness.