• Traditional Hammam Ritual

    Duration(Min) : 30   Price : 69 $  57.48 €

    This ritual is performed in several stages. Initially, the body needs to be prepared by heating it in the sauna. When the body is steamed, it is the turn of the peeling, which is carried out in the hammam with a special mitten (kese), consisting of natural fibers and having arough surface. During peeling, the skin gently gets rid of dirt and old cells, opens the pores and improves blood circulation. Then, from the olive soap in a special bag of cotton, a foam is beaten, with which foam massage is performed, washing away all the slags removed during peeling, relieving tension in muscles and joints. The final stage is rest, during which you can drink a cup of herbal tea or freshly squeezed juice, while your body cools to its original temperature.