• ERICSON - Marine & Thermal

    Dauer(Min) : 50   Preis : 149 $  134.67 €

    This treatment made from marine algae helps to hydrating the dry skin and nourishing facial concentrate that protects cellular health (DNA and cell membrane), enhances the antioxidant defense system, repairs, combats the formation of wrinkles and provides myorelaxing effect.

  • ERICSON - Gold Orchid

    Dauer(Min) : 50   Preis : 139 $  125.63 €

    The benefits of this intensive treatment made from the long-life flower, reduces and prevents glycation (hardening of the supporting fibers of the skin - collagen, elastin and reticulin - that produces aging and wrinkle formation), regenerating at cellular level, antioxidant, firming, lightening, protective, enhances the density and the firmness of the skin, moisturizing, elasticizing, anti-aging and tensor effect.

  • ERICSON - Eye Care

    Dauer(Min) : 30   Preis : 99 $  89.48 €

    Full treatment with rapid absorption, that effectively treats wrinkles, crow's feet, bags and dark circles. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory, softening and emollient power, promotes regeneration, revitalization and cell renewal, stimulates microcirculation, provides hydration and is antioxidant. Its regular use keeps the skin soft, hydrated and luminous.

  • ERICSON - Perfect Skin

    Dauer(Min) : 50   Preis : 109 $  98.51 €

    This treatment starts with a cream that cleans and removes makeup, for all skin types, that nourishes, neutralizes free radicals, promotes oxygenation and cell metabolism, and maintains the structural and functional integrity of tissues. After that is applicated the tonic, for all skin types, maintains the regular order between collagen and elastin, is antioxidant, regenerating and healing, softens and provides elasticity.

    After that is a facial massage with peeling is made according to the type of your skin,followed bya deep cleaning of the skin starting by opening the pores with steam and the expulsion of the black spots and imperfections manually. When the face is totally clean isaccomplished a radiofrequency facial treatment that consists of a device that has a hand-held applicator, this is placed on the skin and applies current with different frequencies, the beneficial properties of this stage is an obvious improvement on the inner part of the epidermis. Something that is finally translated, with the passage of sometime in a healthier exterior. The skin has a new shine and the tone is lighter.

    And after that is applicated a vitamin complex that protects from environmental contamination, mask for the totally regeneration after the clean process and a activating cream with oxygen that allows to intensify the effect of the oligominerals in the skin.

  • ERICSON - Energy Lift

    Dauer(Min) : 90  

    Is a cosmeto-cirurgy and morpho-lifting treatment, performs the most important function at the skin level: cell multiplication, healing and collagen production.Our treatment allows us to work on 2 main problems: the disfiltration and the thinning of the fats (cheeks, double chin) as well as the reinforcement of the cutaneous tissues allowing to redistribute the oval of the face in a visible and fast way.A restorative effect that allows to fill the sunken areas and wrinkles.