Kaya Spa Your Space... Your Pace

Kaya Spa Uniting Turkish Culture and Traditions to Well-Being. The Turkish culture is famous for its rich and flavorful Tea with some of their best plantations originating in the historical region of Rize, rich in fertile earth. In keeping with such traditions, we have the finest natural tea based product as well as natural ingredients essential oil products for our Spa rituals, representative of the Turkish Culture, giving our guests the best results in care programs and immeasurable pleasure to the senses and wellness to the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Wir bereiten uns auf Sie vor ANJANA SPA

Sie werden die Wirkung von Massage- und Pflegeprogrammen spüren, die Ihren Körper und Geist erfrischen, die Auswirkungen von Yoga-Sitzungen, die Ihre Seele mit Lebensenergie füllen werden ...